Size doesn’t - and shouldn’t ever matter.

It’s all about shape.

DD+? No compromise!

At The Bra Spa, we call it Bra-chitecture.
Our bra-chitects construct your bra to your personal measurements with the promise to hold your curves in all the right places! Patented wire-free technology delivers all of the lift, all of the shape but none of the discomfort.

Discover our secret and your inner diva. There’s a classic, sassy, sexy shape in all of us.

Every woman deserves a lift every once in a while


Discover an instant body makeover and try your hand at Bra-tistry... the art of bra design.

We invite you & upto 6 of your friends to sample The Bra Spa Experience for free.
With the help of Prosecco, cupcakes and your friends, select your favourite colour combinations and trims from our extensive swatch palette and we will do the rest.
It’s that simple.

From just £50, a bespoke handcrafted bra can be yours and made to your personal specifications
It’s time to show off that sassy, hidden shape that you’ve always had.

Tuesdays & Thursdays 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Call or email to book your
Bra Spa Experience now!

01457 810628


01457 810628

11:00am - 3:00pm Monday - Saturday
The Bra Spa, Globe Chambers, High Street, Uppermill OL3 6AW